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Divine Justice


Liko 1

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Liko 1

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What’s the central theme in „Divine Justice?”

That’s easy. Oliver Stone is the most wanted man in America. No, not the maverick filmmaker Oliver Stone but the covert agent whose real name is John Carr. Men in the highest circles of power want him dead, and quickly, because he knows too many of their deepest secrets.

On the other hand, the members of the secretive Camel Club not only want Stone alive, but they are willing to risk their own lives to save their leader and friend. Get ready for a David Baldacci thriller with relentless intensity, a perfect follow-up to his acclaimed „Stone Cold” – Camel Club #3.

We begin with Oliver Stone taking drastic action to deal with individuals who have imposed injustices on him in his past life. He soon resorts to necessary flight and lands accidently in Divine, Virginia with a new young friend, Danny Riker. It’s a strange place, fraught with secrets, criminal activities, and so much danger.

Librarian’s note: there are five novels and a short story in the author’s Camel Club series. They are: #1. The Camel Club (2005), #2. The Collectors (2006), #3. Stone Cold (2007), #4. Divine Justice (2008), and #5. Hell’s Corner (2010). The short story is #6. Bullseye (2014), a Will Robie / The Camel Club Short Story.



David Baldacci


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