Forgotten Dreams


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Liko 1

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Lottie Lacey and her mother, Louella, share a house with Mr. Magic and his son Baz. Lottie is a child star but after a road accident she loses her memory.

Soon she meets a boy who calls her Sassy and accuses her of running away and she begins to have dreams of another life. Lottie realizes she must find her past, at no matter what cost.



Katie Flynn knygos

Katie Flynn was born in Norwich and attended Norwich High School, where she was extremely happy and extremely undistinguished. Published at the tender age of eight, in Enid Blyton's Sunny Stories, she joined a Writers’ Circle as an adult, publishing short stories, articles, etc; only turning to novels in 1971 because the postal strike cut off her main source of income! At first she wrote under several different names – Judith Saxton, Judy Turner, Lydia Balmain, Judith Arden – but her Katie Flynn books were a delight to write and proved far more popular than she had dreamed. She has now published nearly ninety novels, twenty-seven of which are Flynns. Her most recent titles are: Lost Days of Summer and Christmas Wishes.


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