S.W.I.T.C.H.: Bug Battle/Gargoylz: Make Some Noise


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Liko 1

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World Book Day flip-book featuring stories from S.W.I.T.C.H. and GARGOYLZ!.BUG Mad genius Petty Potts has once again tricked Josh and Danny into trying some of her SWITCH serum. Josh finds himself with eight, hairy legs and Danny has an impressive pair of pincers! It’s fun at first but to the twins’ dismay, Danny isn’t the only stag beetle on the block and it seems he has a rival. With bigger pincers. And a bruised ego. Who will triumph in the battle of the bugs and will Josh and Danny make it to Petty’s laboratory in one piece? MAKE SOME Max and Ben are going on a school trip to the library and can’t wait to meet Troy Brawn, the coolest spy book author ever. But there’s a disaster! Troy doesn’t turn up and the boys end up stuck in a super-girly, super-boring talk instead – yuck! Can the Gargoyles do anything to help? And what about their new friend – will he leave his books and peace and quiet behind and join the boys in playing some pranks?



Ali Sparkes


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