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The Best of Friends


Liko 1

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Liko 1

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Whittingbourne is one of those charming English towns where families live happily ever after. Gina and Fergus, Hillary and Laurence have grown up, married, and raised their children in the warmth of amiable friendship. But one day it all unravels as Fergus calmly leaves Gina to share his life with a young man in London, and Laurence nearly chucks it all to move to France with Gina in the heat of passion. Their children are devastated and beset with emerging passions of their own. Teenage Sophy, angry with her father, Fergus, for disrupting her life, is nonetheless drawn to him as a refuge from her mother’s affair. But Fergus is not prepared for Sophy to share his new life. Sophy is also scared she might be pregnant after a furtive encounter with young George.



Joanna Trollope


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